Features 28/400 Closure 0.8 ml output 3 settings: Cone Spray, Stream Spray, Off 10" dip tube, flexible
Foaming Trigger Sprayer
Point of Use Mixing Hose makes it easy to get water from most faucet types.
AirFreshPac® Air Freshener and Odor Counteractant Bottle 32 oz for use with # 1732 pac per quart product.
BowlPac® Toilet Bowl Cleaner Bottle 32 oz for use with # 532 pac per quart and # 505...
GlassPac® Glass and Mirror Cleaner Bottle 32 oz for use with # 1432 and #1432L pac per quart...
pH Neutral Germicidal Detergent Bottle  comes in 3 sizes.
ScrubPac® Spray Bottle 32 oz for use with # 102 pac per quart product.
Includes faucet for dispensing and cap for top vent U.S. patented and FDA compliant Embossed graduations on top...
Swivel handle allows for easy access to stored contents. 38 mm neck finish
Bottles have an ergonomic design, allowing for a better hold.  The Mop Bucket Logo is printed on the...
Perfect for dispensing chemicals. Features: Calibrated plunger; fits standard gallon; FDA compliant Can be used with grit and...
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