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Fabric Shampoo is a truly “built” product loaded with surfactants to deliver a rich foam when used in rotary or dry foam shampoo applications or a thick dry foam when performing upholstery shampoo foam cleaning. Slightly acidic, Fabric Shampoo is very safe and won’t promote re-soiling. Fabric Shampoo contains a concentrated blend of cleaning agents especially formulated for expert cleaning of upholstery fabrics and is perfect for removal of surface soils. It directly releases binding soils that ordinary shampoo’s can’t. A buffered pH system will minimize browning and provides maximum safety from shrinking and color bleeding, and won’t promote re-soiling.

  • Compatible with all types of colorfast carpets, rugs, and upholstery
  • Can be used with rotary floor machines for carpet or applied by hand for upholstery
  • Polymers added for quick encapsulation cleaning of commercial synthetic upholstery