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Heavy-Duty Traffic Lane Cleaner

Flex will wrestle even the toughest soils off the carpet! Heavy greases, oils, and other tough soils are no match for Flex. Unequaled in the industry, Flex's surfactants, alkaline builders, and boosters come together to provide you with the toughest cleaner available. Fast: Flex goes to work the second it comes in contact with soil in the carpet. High performance surfactants and boosters quickly suspend and emulsify even the most stubborn soils. Economical: Even when purchased in small quantities, Flex offers you savings and power! Purchase Flex in larger quantities to save even more. To be used as a traffic lane prespray on heavily soiled carpets. Should be extracted after use. Flex is not designed to be used on 5th generation fibers. Flex is designed for use in the Hydro-Force sprayer, electric sprayers, and other types of pump sprayers.