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StoneTech® Professional Polishing Powder Features and Benefits: • Creates smooth, satin finish • Eliminates etch marks & light wear patterns • Non-acidic Where to Use: Natural stone such as marble, limestone, travertine & terrazzo. Directions: Read entire label before using. Use only as directed. Always test in a small inconspicuous area to determine ease of application and desired results. Allow new grout installations to cure for a minimum of 72 hours prior to application. Make sure surface is clean, dry and free of waxes and coatings. 1. If surface is heavily soiled, preclean with StoneTech® Professional KlenzAll™ Cleaner if needed. 2. Mask any surfaces not intended to be treated. 3. If using StoneTech® Professional Shining Powder following the use of Polishing Powder, ensure that the surface is well rinsed and a new pad is used. 4. Apply approximately 1/2 cup Polishing Powder plus 1 cup clean water to stone surface. 5. Refinish using a hand orbital sander or weighted floor machine at 130-140 lb, 175 rpm, fitted with a natural hair pad. 6. Keep compound wet while refinishing with plenty of water. Add Polishing Powder as needed. 7. Refinish area until desired level of polish is achieved. 8. For a highly polished finish follow with Shining Powder. 9. Rinse well and use a wet vacuum or hot water extraction unit to remove all remaining compound. Coverage: Approximately 500-1,000 sq. ft. per pound