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The Xtreme Micro Duster makes it more affordable than ever to maintain a dust-free environment. Using static technology along with a microfiber collection cloth our micro duster allows you to dust without spray. Simply attach the dusting pad to the handle and clean many areas including hard-to-reach areas with our extension handle. The pivoting head allows for multiple angles to clean fan blades, top of a shelf, and many other areas.

  • Handle extends for hard to reach areas and head pivots to clean multiple angles such as ceiling fans, window blinds, or picture frames
  • Multi-surface duster great for many surfaces such as book shelves, electronics, around desks and other office equipment, lamp tables, window blinds, ceiling fans, heat vents, etc.
  • Microfiber duster collects and catches dust and allergens
  • Chemical free

Each Starter kit includes one handle and 12 microfiber dusting cloths